Motor Perception



Motor Perception

Physical development is closely related to motor development of children. Motor control is the development of body movement through activities that are coordinated between the nervous system, muscle, brain, and spinal cord. Motor development includes the enrichment of motor and motor perception. Perception is the awareness of motor movement, the child should be aware of their existence with the environment. They must use his senses, control the balance, about its movement, and understand the body parts that can be She moved. Perception of motor includes six factors:


Sensory is a tool used to recognize the environment around the child so the child can interact.

2.Balance Equilibrium is a state of balance between opposing force in maintaining weight loss center.


Space spur the child's ability to understand the external space around the child, and puts into motion motor in the room, such as circles, triangles, and rectangles.


Body ability spur children to know and understand the names and functions of various body parts that rub off on children, such as feet, hands, eyes and ears.


Expected time of arrival capability based on the characteristics of the speed of the ball his way. In other words, the time accelerate the ability individual in somethings

that come to him.


Directions spur the child's ability to understand and apply the concept of direction, such as top, bottom, front, and rear, the ability is very important so that children can develop optimally. Motor development is strongly influenced by the brain organ. The brain is what guide every movement made the child. The more mature development of the nervous system of the brain that regulate muscle, possible development of competence or the child's motor skills. Motor development is different from every individual, there are people who are very good fine motor development, such as athletes, some are not like people who have physical limitations. Gender also has an influence in this respect, in accordance with the opinion of Sherman (1973) which states that girls in middle age Childhood physical elasticity of 5% - 10% better than the boys, but the athletic physical ability such as running, jumping and throwing higher in children of male behavior in women.

Motor development in tandem with the growth process of genetic or physical maturity of children, motor development comes about through the unfolding of a genetic plan or maturation (Gesell, 1934 in Santrock, 2007). Children age 5 months, of course, can not walk straight. In other words, there are certain common stages that proceed in accordance with the physical maturity of children. Theories that explain the child go into details about the systematics motor was developed by Dynamic Systems Theory Thelen & whiteneyerr. The theory reveals that in order to build the motor skills the child must perceive something in the environment that motivates them to do something and use their perceptions to move. Represent the wishes of children's motor skills. Eg when children see the toys with a wide range, the child perceives the brain that he wanted to play it. The perception that motivate children to do something, ie, moving to take it. As a result of the movement, the child managed to get what in goal is taking an interesting toy for him.
"... .... To develop motor skills, Infants must perceive something in the environment to act That motivates Them Their perceptions and use to fine-tune Their movement. Motor skills Represent solutions to the infant'sgoal."

The theory also explains that when the baby is in the motivation to do something, they can create a new motor skills, new capability is the result of many factors, namely the development of the nervous system, physical ability that enables it to move, the wishes of children who motivated her to move, and environment that supports the acquisition of motor skills. For example, the child will begin to run if the system is already mature nerves, the proportions of legs strong enough to sustain her and the children themselves want to walk topick up histoys. In addition to closely related to the physical and intellectual, motor skills were associated with psychological aspects of the child. Damon & Hart, 1982 (Petterson 1996) states that physical ability is closely related to the self-image of children. Children who have better physical ability in the field of sports will cause he cherished his friends. It is also in line with the results of research conducted Ellerman, 1980 (Peterson, 1996) that good motor skills is closely linked tos elf-esteem.

Children capable mentally learners

Understanding children capable mentally learners by Suparlan (1983: 29) that a child whose condition is lighter than children whose level of intelligence embisil between 25 - 50. While children capable students have the intelligence level between 55 - 75. According Usa Sutisna (1984: 31), child is child intelligence learners intelligence higher level of intelligence possessed by children t capable mentally to train.

While the notion of children capable students by AAMD (American Association On Mental Deficiency) and Regulation no. 72 of 1991 cited by Moh. Amin (1995: 22), are those included in the group of children whose level of intelligence and adaptability are blocked, but has the ability to grow in academic, social adjustment and ability to work. So, from a few expert opinions can be concluded, that the child intelligence capable students are those who belong to the child capable mentally with intelligence level between 50/55 - 70 / 75, still has the ability to grow in terms of education, social adjustment, and skills to work when get educated by using approaches and learning methods in particular. Children characteristics capable students SA. Branatata (1977: 53), states that the characteristics of children capable students distinguished two symptoms, namely in the field of mental symptoms and the symptoms in the social field. Which includes mental field in general is a substandard way of thinking, lack the ability to analyze what events they faced, the fantasy is very weak, less able to control the feelings, can remember the term but can not understand, less able to assess the element of moral and harmonious personality , while the symptoms in the social field is the lack of ability to stand on its own.

Moh. Amin (1995: 37), suggests that the characteristics of children capable students is fluent in speaking but not vocabulary words, reaching the equivalent intelligence of normal children aged 12 years. While opinions Usa Sutisna (1984: 53), further emphasizing the characteristics of children capable students in terms of mental and intellectual, of which even his physical condition similar to normal children but low capacity to think, less able to control herself, attention, thinking ability is weak and unable to learn on their own about everyday life.

Sumaryanti (2007: 514) explains that, conversion behavior in physical activity in cordance with chronological age with capable mentally medium, namely: the chronological age of 12-17 years with 6-8 years of age based on the mental. At the chronological age, children can play games with high organization, capable of further develop expertise sports involving rackets, balls, requiring a high level of expertise, able to participate in team games and use strategies in competitive activities. In the mental age, children can only participate in modifying all sports activities, especially in individual sports (swimming, bowling, and roads) where there is very little social contact and responsibility from the people around him. Can throw and catch the ball, but I it was difficult to participate in competitive activities. To review of some general opinion can be affirmed that the characteristics of children capable mentally students are as follows:

1) low capacity to think so hard to work on tasks that include mental and intellectual functions.

2) fluentin speaking, although his vocabulary is less.

3) has a weak memory, so have difficulty in solving problems.

4) are less able to control himself.

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