The History of Batu Bara

Interpreter: M. Khoiri a. Badawi

Origin: Desa Perupuk, Kecamatan Limapuluh, Kabupaten Batu Bara.

We are, Batu Bara people, well born by Minangnese and Simalungunese. Based on the history, the King of Pagaruyung, Sultan Abdul Jalil Rahmad Syah became the king in 1732 A.D. He was a famous king. His father originated from Johor Kingdom, Malaysia and his mother is Jambinese. He has a son, named Balambangan. He is 15 years old. He has just graduated from his study in religion, martial art and traditional medicine.

Based on Minangese, if the son has graduated from his study, he is allowed to leaving home. Pangeran Balambangan’s going to hunt in the forest.

“Dad, please allow me for leaving home.” Balambangan Said to his father.

“I’m going to hunt deer, goat, and etc. May I?”

Then his father allowed him. While he was hunting Balambangan is accompanied by 21 body guards, with well preparation of food supplies. From Siak River He went to the estuary of Selat Malaka to go to the west. They sailed for one day one night and arrived in Tanjung Tiram. He went to Tanjung Tiram’s river till reach its upper course. The boats run agroand while they arrived. Then they decided to anchor there. The place where the boats anchored named Labuhan Ruku that means the harbor of Gajah Rukus boats. Balambang took a rest for a night there. The first place where he sailed called Kuala Gunung. He was given the title as ‘Datuk Balambangan’ after arrived in Batu Bara.

Briefly, Balambangan started to hunt. In the forest, he found a big deer. It has furcate horns. He tried to snare, but the deer successful off. After hunting for a day, he arrived in a place. He took a rest there. While his bodyguards and he was taking a rest, a grandfather came.

He asked to him. “Sir, where is it?”

The grandfather answered, “It is Pematang.”

In Simalungun or Batubara language, Pematang means sandy highland.

He said again, “there is a palace nearby here, name Raja Damanik Simalungun palace.”

Datuk Balambangan went to the Rajo Damanik Palace to rest for a few days. Because of Datuk Balambangan is polite and easy going when he stay in the Raja Damanik Palace, King pleased them so well to stay there as long as they want. Briefly, daughter of Rajo Damanik name Anis Damanik, fall in love to Datuk Balambangan. Finally, the King asked Datuk Balambangan to become his Son in law. Datuk Balambangan accepted the demanding of the King and then they were married. A Few months later, Datuk Balambangan wife was pregnant and craving. She was craving to swim in the sea after a hundred days of craving, because in her lifetime she’s never swimming in the sea. His husband said it to the king and he accepted it. A Few days later, Rajo mangarak and his group walked to the sea with well preperation of food supplies. After walked a few days, they arrived in an area named Kuala Indah, now name Kuala Tanjung, nearby Alumunium Harbor. After they were there, Anis Damanik swam in the sea and she was like to be there. She asked her husbend to stay there. Datuk Balambangan asked the guard to inform the king that her daughter wanted to live on Kuala Indah. So, the king was perforce to grand the demand.

A year later their baby was born, their baby is a beautiful girl named Wang Gadih. The name was taken from Minang Language means ‘a girl’. They were so happy to get a beautiful daughter. At Kuala Indah, datuk Balambangan appointed to become a village chief. Datuk Balambangan appointed to become a King sooner.

When he was in Kuala Indah, there was a long day in the village where it was almost a year. The King command to dig up a well in a valley. After they dig it up so deep, suddenly they saw an orange stone looks like an ember. The king was so proud to get the stone because he thought the stone was a lucky stone. He hung the stone and carried it everywhere. “I was so lucky to get this lucky stone.” King said. The stone stored so well in the Palace. Since the stone is found, the King become so famous and the people loved him.

So, Datuk Balambangan changed his name into Datuk Batu Bara.

The day and the month were passed by. The daughter of the king, Puan Gadih, was being teenager. Suddenly, one day, there was caboodle of ships moved closes to the edge of the beach. They were shock, the enemy was coming. Apparently, that was the caboodle people from Pagaruyung, the hometown of the father. That envoys came because of the message of the father, King Pagaruyung, looked for Datuk Balambangan who not came back home for a long time. After met with the datuk Balambangan, most of the envoys came back to Pagaruyung and informed the King that his daughter was founded. Four envoys were stayed in Kuala Indah because of the demand of the king.

The four men, who were the envoys of the king, helped Rajo to organize the kingdom; the kingdom became famous till Malaysia and Singapore. At the same time, the four men wanted to propose the king’s daughter, Puan Gadih. They told the proposal to Rajo directly. Rajo called the mufti to get the advice. They gathered in the hall of palace and was watched many people. The king decided that the proposal of the four men accepted. The people and the mufti shocked. Was it possible to wed four men with a girl? The king asked for forty days and forty nights. The results was, since the proposal to the king’s daughter, Puan Gadih, by the four men, the king was not sleep soundly, and has no appetite. He also awaked in the night frequently, and having tahajud. He was fasting at the noon. He prayed to be given of the escape. The king accepted those four men because they were from Pagaruyung, he was reluctant to refuse them. At the twentieth night, the wife of the king came to him in the front of the room. The king was having Tahajud. After finished, his wife asked.

“What we’re going to do? Our goat was lost, our apes that we treated was lost too. Gardener’s dog also lost.”

The king said, “never mind, they have lost, what we can say?”

The king always prayed every night, until the 37th night, but there was no result. At the 38th night, the king was dreamt. In the dream, his daughter became four persons and hug with each fiancés in a cave.

The last two nights, the queen of the king reported.”

“My husband, our daughter changes into four. Their faces are much resembled.”

“Really?” asked king

“Yes, you can see them in the bed room.” said The Queen.

Then, the King saw them in the bed room. Directly, it was true that his daughter changed into four. Those fourth daughters knelt to the King. And King couldn’t say anything.

In the night, the King called ... to come to the palace and said that he would wed his four daughters. People and the headman were of the village wonderer. It was impossible if a daughter wed by four men.

In the wedding ceremony, those four beautiful daughters came. After married the sons in law and his daughters lived in the palace. Since the King wed his daughters there was a big question inside of his heart. From those four resemble girls who his real clan is.

One day there was a banquet. Every people were invited. Many delicious foods were served, such as vegetables, meats, and fruits. The King led his wife and his four sons in law to eat. One of his daughters prefers ate vegetable to others. The King thought that his daughter originated from goat. The other daughter was eaten while stretching and mocking; it means that his daughter was originated from ape ever lost. The other daughter liked to scream, troublemaker and loved meat. She also liked to eat anyang, meant she was originated from dog. And the other one, had good attitude, meant she was the real clan. So, since that time the King marked his daughters by their attitudes. Until now the daughters of the King have had some generations that live in many regions of Batubara regency. Their attitudes could be known by the origin ancestor, those four daughters of King Batubara.

There is a region in this Batubara, the people of this region are rather arrogant, neat, and manly, means they are the clan of the king. There is a region which were the people like to eat vegetable, means they are the clan of the goat. There is a region which the people like to mock, means they are the clan of the ape. There are people who like to eat meat, means they are the clan of the dog.

The Origin of Pesta Tapai in Batu Bara

This tapai party exists in Mesjid Lama and Dahari Silebar village, Talawi Subdistrict. There are many stalls that sell various types of tapai, there: tapai lemang, tapai ubi, and traditional cookies of Melayu Batu Bara. Karas-karas and rengginang are the traditional cookies of Batu Bara which are popular to be sold. The ingredients to make Tapai are different. Tapai lemang and some others traditional cookies are made from pulut ketan. While tapai ubi made from cassava.

This party has become tradition which is held every year to welcome Ramadhan. Do you know when was this party held first? Here is the history.

Ancient time, the ruling king in the Batu Bara coast was Datuk Mudo Jalil Lelo Sumaso Tuo. He was the one who commanded to build a place for slaughterhouses of cow and buffallo to welcome Ramadhan. Many people came from different regions to buy the meats. They were from Batu Bara, Labuhan Ruku, tanjung Tiram, Titi Putih, dan Titi Merah. That place was crowded. Hundreds of buffallos and cows were slaughtered here to welcome Ramadhan. Because there were so many people come, Datuk Mudo jalil Lelo Sumaso Tuo also commanded to build stalls for the needs of seller and buyer.

The stalls sold snacks such as lemang, tapai, karas-karas, cendol, and the other traditional foods. Anybody who wanted to buy lemang, tapai or others, could take them in the basin, and then paid it to the seller.

The stalls also used by the newcomer from the other region to take a rest. Since that time, there were many people who slaughtered cows and buffallos and vend lemang tapai to welcome Ramadhan as the tradition of this place.

The legend of Siti Payung

By Muhammad Anwar bin Tauhid

The legend of siti payung was a legend from Batubara, especialy in dahari silebar. The legend begun from the story of a boy named Kamaruddin. He was poor. Sometimes he ate once for five days. They lived in an infeasible house. His father was a carpenter. Due to they were too poor, they just had a proper cloth so Kamaruddin couldn’t go anywhere when his father went to the market to sell the woods. At that time Kamaruddin was a child and his job was helping his father. As the time passed by, Kamaruddin grew to be a strong man because he trained to lift the wood. As a teenager he wanted to leave home. In his desire, he wanted to go to state of the kingdom to see the beauty of that place and getting experience there. So he asked his parents to give their permission.

“Mom, dad I do really want to go to the kingdom.” Kamaruddin said.

“Don’t go son, how can you do it? You don’t have any proper cloth, if you wear this present cloth, people will consider that you are a beggar. ” His mother said

“Let me wear the cloth which father gets used to wear while selling the woods.” He said

Briefly, Kamaruddin went to the state of the kingdom. He found a small house at his village. It was lived by a grandmother named Gabia.

“Assalamualaikum, Mam.” Kamaruddin said

“walaikum salam.” The grandmother answered.

She opened the door and saw a boy around 16-17 years old.

“Come in please.” The grandmother pleased

“I think it is the answer why I didn’t have any appeal to eat and can’t sleep well, apparently you are coming.” The grandmother said

Then Kamaruddin entered the house.

“How are you son?”

“I want to go the kingdom state because I never go there.” Kamaruddin said

“You shouldn’t go there”


The grandmother didn’t give any reason. She was a knitter and always sells the knitting to the kingdom. She thought that it was useless to go there. She sold the knitting every morning to the town and came back in the afternoon. Because she had been old so her knitting was not so good to be brought by the buyers. Kamaruddin canceled his plan to go because Grandmother did not allow him. So that he just stayed at home to help grandmother knitted the flower and she would sell it to the town. Kamaruddin was so expert to make the knitter so his knitting always sold out. One day, the grandmother passed the palace while selling her knitting. She met the princess named Siti Payung. Siti payung wanted to buy the knitting.

“Mam, i want to buy your knitting.”

“I think this knitter made by a young person”, she murmured.

“With whom do you live?” said the princess.

“I live alone.” answered the grandmother.

“Let me buy this knitting.” continued the princess.

She still could not believe that. She was sure that the knitting must be made by a young man.

After the knitting was sold out, the grandmother came back to the house.

“Have our knitting sold out?”

“Yes, all of the knitting was bought by the princess” answered the grandmother.

“What she said?” asked Kamaruddin.

“She said that it must be another person who made the knitting” said grandmother.

Kamaruddin could know the gestures and feeling by the bless of God so he said to the grandmother,

“If you go to sell the knitting tomorrow, i am sure that you will be requested by the princess to knit it in the kingdom. But you don’t have to be afraid.”

He took out a small jar from his pocket and showed it to grandmother.

“Save this jar, there is a bluebottle inside of it. If you are asked to knit, take out this bluebottle and follow where it perch. Stick the needle into that place, then this bluebottle will guide you to knit.”

Apparently, Kamaruddin was right. The next day, grandmother went to sell the knitting to the kingdom and Princess Siti Payung wanted to see her knitted flowers. The princess said,

“Mam please knit me a flower. This is the materials. I want to see you do it for me.”

The grandmother remembered about Kamaruddin’s message. She took out the bluebottle from its place. She started to knit based on the movement of bluebottle which is perched on the knitting. The princess realized it and hit the bluebottle till die. The grandmother shocked and could not continue her knitting.

Princess said, “I am right, am not I? There is another person in your house. Let me go to your house. I want to see who he is.

She told her father about her plan.

“My majesty, let me go with this old woman,” said the princess.

“Why?” answered the king.

“Don’t ask it now, I will tell you later,” said the princess.

The King allowed her. Some bodyguards commanded to accompany the princess. While Kamaruddin was sitting on the terrace, he saw from the far that grandmother followed by a girl and some bodyguards. He ran into the house and hide in the mat. He was afraid that the girl was the princess. After arrived, the grandmother pleased the princess and her bodyguards come into the house.

“You may check it out, there is nobody here.” the grandmother said.

The princess and her bodyguards seek to whole part of the house but they get nothing. Suddenly the mat where Kamaruddin hide was fell down.

“bedebub!” heard the mat fell down that was different from usual.

The princess was suspicious why the sound of the mat was too hard.

“There is a person in that mat.” the princess said.

Then she commanded the bodyguards to open that mat. Finally they found a man there. She attracted to the man and decided to bring him to the palace.

In the palace, Kamaruddin was interrogated by the king.

“Where are you come from?”

“I come from the forest. My father was a poor person.” Kamaruddin said.

“It’s not what i mean; I asked you where your village is?”

“I’m from Siragi village.”

“Is your parents still alive?”

“My parents were still alive when I left them. I have been leaving them for six months” Said Kamaruddin.

Briefly, Kamaruddin and the Princess got married. There were a lot of man had propose the princes before she met Kamaruddin. They were from Berham Kingdom, Sako Dirondang Kingdom, and five others prince were from another Kingdom. They were angry because of the Princess marriage. They were wondering what made Kamaruddin’s propose was accepted?

Berham Kingdom sent a letter for the King and Kamaruddin. The letter for the King said, “Give your life if you love the daughter.”

While the letter for Kamaruddin said, “give your life if you love the wife.”

Raja Tua, the father of Siti Payung was extremely scared, because the kingdom which was threatening them was a big kingdom. But Kamaruddin wasn’t. He replied their letter briefly, by saying “I love my wife.” It meant that Kamaruddin was ready to war.

A few days later, the troops of Berhan Kingdom attacked Anta Beranta of guards from Antah Beranta kingdom informed that there were seven ships that would attack their kingdom. The king was speechless because he was afraid. Suddenly Kamaruddin lost, he hid in the henhouse. Whereas, he went to grandmother’s house to report that Anta Beranta kingdom had been attacked by Berham Kingdom.

Kamarruddin said to grandmother “in my opinion Antah Beranta will be defeated by Berhan kingdom.”

“Well, take the longbow from the coconut tree, hit that longbow to the tree” said the grandmother

Kamaruddin went to take the longbow immediately and hit it to the tree and suddenly, it became a pair of green costume, sword, and a horse.

“Wear it, ride the horse and bring this sword to war.” Said grandmother

Then kamaruddin went to the Warfield. The horse was brought by Kamaruddin was too fast, like a flash.

In the other hand Siti payung commanded the warlords to gather the guards. After they were gathered, the war was started. Berhan kingdom was very strong so that Antah Beranta almost lost. Suddenly, a horseman came like a flash by wearing green costume, attacking Berhan kingdom it makes warlord of Antah Beranta kingdom shocked. He did not know who the man is. But, Siti payung knew that the man is her Husband Kamaruddin. Finally, antah beranta kingdom won the war. The king of Berhan kingdom was arrested and given to the king of anta beranta.

There were seven wars happened from different kingdoms which their proposed was refused. Those seven kingdoms could be defeated by kamaruddin and Antah Beranta troops.

After the war was end the king said to the man who had help his kingdom won the war.

“If I had had a son in law like you I would have be happy. My son in law avoids the war.”

Kamaruddin took the costume off and the king was surprised that the man was his son in law. But, Kamaruddin was not angry, he knelt in front of the king, then the king apologized. Finally, Kamaruddin became the next king of Antah Beranta kingdom. He is a wise king so that the kingdom was welfare.

The Legend of Rajo Bogak

By: Muhammad Anwar bin Tauhid

Long time ago, there was a port master titled Rajo Bogak or Duane. He was the richest man. One day, a ship that full of robber from China attacked that harbor. Before going to rob they had to fight in course with the people there. If the robber had won they would have get the whole treasure but, if they were lost they had to go away and the treasure was safe. The people and chieftain were gathered to watch the battle between Chinese and the commander of Rajo Bogak named Panglimo Putih. The battle was fierce. They jumped, kicked, hit, and wrestled each other. Panglimo putih catches the leg of that robber and pulled it off till made it separated into two. One part threw out to pulau Pandan and the rest was in dome near the seaside. The distance from the course to the dome was 7 km and 13 km to pulau pandan. Finally, the robber from China back to their country as the loser. Until now there is still a print like a human sole found in Pulau Pandan.

The Legend of Gando Sorang cannon

By: Muhammad Anwar bin Tauhid

Based on history, there was marriage couple that wanted to do a hermitage. They went to meet a hermit. The hermitage was start after the hermit taught them. Unfortunately, they got misfortune the hermit passed away whereas they were still doing the hermitage for some week. The hermitage only could be ended by that hermit so no one could help them.

Finally, they changed into cannon. The cannon were known as Gando Sorang. It will be exploded if a disaster is going to come, such as fire or riot. For instance, the war between Aceh kingdom with Melayu Kingdom happened, the cannon was exploded.

The History of Kampung Guntung

By: H. Abdul Muluk bin yusuf, H.Abdul Bin kocik,Abdul latif bin Zainuddin

Kampung Guntung was the name of a forest which was found by four men from Pagaruyung, Sumatera Barat. Those four men then dispersed into four regions, they are: tanah datar, daerah ujung, daerah pesisir, and this place, kampung Guntung.

The first name of Kampung guntung was Kampung Baru. But, because there were many Ambacang trees (like mango) grew in that place and eaten by caterpillars and birds till made it blunt, the name of it changed into Kampung Ambacang Puntung. Yet, the name of it changed again became Kampung Guntung because of the suggestion from Toke Leman, a son of Moyang Ali. So, it was the first village existed in Batubara.

After a long time, this place becomes crowd due to people choose to live here. Moyang Khatibsyah, Tuk Uban, Tuk Soko, and Tuk Ali, then came to build schools in 4 villages, they are in Kampung Guntung, Lima Laras, Bagan Asahan, and the rest is still unknown where it is.

There was a woman named Si Moyot who came from Samosir Island that has family name, Manik. She was being the first headman in Kampung Guntung after became a mualaf. She was not only admitted in Kampung Guntung, but also in the two rest villages, Lima Laras and Kampung Sontang.

As the time passes by, the Muslims in Kampung Sontang and Lima Laras were increasing highly. So, those 2 villages decided to induct their each headman. The population in Kampung Guntung was getting more and more, so the area was expanded by firing the nibung forests around it. This fire happened for six months. The whole trees were scrorched. This area named Kampung Nibung Hangus. The rest people who still lived in Kampung Guntung named Kubunese, so the name of that village changed into Kampung Ujung Kubu.

So, many villages along Batubara were from the parts of Kampung Guntun

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