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School learning process is the interaction of teachers and students to learn the material that has been arranged in a curriculum. So that the learning process can be run directly by the well, a teacher must be intelligent and perceptive and plan, organize and design a learning process so that the learning goals achieved.

Development in science and technology today requires every person to transform itself and improve the potential of each. One way that can be done to fix themselves through from the education. Education has an important role, where education has an important role in producing competent human resources.

Model of teaching is one the Model that used in conducting teacher student relationship at the time at study. Therefore, the role model of teaching as a tool for teaching and learning process to create the liveliness of learning process, Current development in Indonesia is directed to improving the quality of human resources. Human resources are of very much needed in the development of a nation, especially in the field of education. In the era of globalization, quality human resources will be the main focus so that a competent nation. Education should always be done. particularly in formal education is one vehicle in building quality human resources. Many efforts have been taken by the government in terms of improving the quality of education in Indonesia such as the provision of school operational funds (BOS), the provision of facilities and infrastructure equipment to support the learning process to be held certification for teachers in order to improve the professionalism of teachers in the education of students in order to improve the quality education. Natural Sciences (IPA) relating to the natural way of finding out about systematically, so that science is not just the acquisition of knowledge in the form of facts, concepts or principles but also a process of discovery. As stated by the vehicle (in Trianto, 2008: 61) that: '' Science is a systematic collection of structured knowledge, and in general use is limited to the phenomena of nature. The development is not only characterized by the presence of a collection of facts, but by the presence of the scientific method and scientific attitude ''.

Physics (one field IPA) is a subject that requires students to understand, understand, and apply it in real life. So far, students tend to take the knowledge presented by the teacher, less bold idea or express their own opinions. This can hamper the ability to think students. Through The process of learning physics students favoring activities in the process of thinking and seek understanding in the object, analyze and construct the knowledge to form new knowledge in the individual. Active student learning will occur if the student is given the motivation and also facilities.

Based on the results of international websites about physics and science achievement of junior high school students who do TIMSS (Trends in International Study physics and science) in 2007, showed that the ability of science students Indonesia ranks 35 out of 49 participating country. The study states that the average score of students of class VIII Indonesia for science lessons is 427 and is under the average score international who achieve a score of 500. The results of this study indicate that the low ability students need to get serious attention from each related the field of education. Based on the results of a questionnaire given to students of SMAN 1 Salak many students assume that physics is a difficult subject to understand because too many formulas, the boring and uninteresting, of 32, 24 of them said that physics is difficult and the rest like it. This is similar to the results of interviews conducted by researchers at teacher Susi (high school physics teacher 1 Salak). He said that the high school students 'learning outcomes in SMA 1 Salak there are problems that daily test results of students' physics is still far from the expected, average daily value is still below the KKM (60).

The cause of the low value of student learning outcomes in science learning (Physics) in school SMAN 1Salak include strategies used by teachers in the learning process less varied. In lessons, teachers still use the conventional method where students just listen and note what is presented by the teacher after which they were given the task individually to solve the problems, as a result of students feel bored and less interested in these subjects, besides the ability cooperation students less and tend to be individual. When it is given continued, feared learning objectives cannot be achieved national,

One of the ways to overcome this problem is to learning that involves students actively as well as train the good cooperation between them, using cooperative learning. In one study, researchers randomly assigned thirty- three English and literature teachers to three training group . teachers in group 1 were tough how to fine-tune their whole –class teaching skills. Those in group 2 were tough how to use slavin’s Student Teams Achievement. Divisions (STAD) (Explain later) and those in group 3 were tough sharan’s Group Investigation (GI) approach to cooperative learning. The investigators collected massive amounts of information before, during and after the experiment, from including data test achievement, classroom observation and cooperative behavior of students. (Arends, 2007).

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