A. Interpretation of research results

From research conducted has get six test items that qualify as a measurement for the model evaluation tool motor perception of children capable learners: (1) Awareness of sensory (2) Awareness of the balance (3) Awareness of space (4) Awareness of the body (5) Awareness time (6) Awareness of the direction

B.Discussion of Research Results

0.720 is validity of test results means that the tool can be used as a measurement because it can measure what it should be measured. While reliabilty test gives the figure 0837 means the instrument is reliable and can be used as a measurement of motor perception and mentally retarded children tuga capable students in Yogyakarta. The collected data compiled score scale model evaluation tool motor perception of children capable students with a way to change the rough number of each item test into z scores with cumulative frequency. Scale scores are then obtained norm perception model assessment of motor impaired and mentally retarded children as capable learners table below. Norma Assessment Model Evaluation Tool Motor Ability capable mentally Educate Children No Norma Assessment Category
1 64-77 No Good
2 78-91 Less Good
3 92-105 Good Enough
4 106-119 Fine Good

5 120-133 Very Good

With the drafting of an evaluation tool capable learners otor perception, it can be used by students child capable students in the city of Yogyakarta as such differences in standards assessment and use of other forms of child motor perception test capable mentally students are manifold can be equated. This brings the implications to the child capable mentally students to continuously improve motor perception child. In the end, will provide benefits in the lives of children capable mentally learners. However, caution is needed in interpret achievement in the categories that exist, because many factors that can not be in control in this study.

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