Leadership At The Traders

Module    I :    Effective Leadership
Module  II :    Effective Listening
Module III : Communicating and Gaining Commitment to Standard
Module IV :    Effective Feedback
Module  V :    Coaching for Improved Performance
Module VI :    The Role of the Manager

Module I
Effective Leadership

List of Material
Leadership Principles Sheet
Leadership Principles How To Sheet
How to Reach Consensus Sheet
Team Exercise : Leadership Principles Instructions
Leadership Vignettes Situation A
Leadership Vignettes Situation B

Leadership Principles Card
Apply the TGSS standard to every one with whom you interact
Help your people succeed and excel in their jobs
Manage through accountability
Be a hands-on manager
Take personal responsibility to :
·    Anticipate
·    Identify
·    Remove
Obstacles that block team and individual performance.
involeve employees in discovering effective operational solutions

Leadership Principles Sheet
Principle 1 : Apply TGSS standard to everyone with whom you interact
Fellow employees, guests, peers, suppliers/vendors, owners, investors
·    Every time you see a fellow ( guest Peer ,etc ) smile and offer an appropriate hospitality comment, eg good morning, welcome to The Traders, etc
·    Speak to every fellow employee in a friendly, enthusiastic and courteous tone and manner
·    Answer all questions and respond to all requests quickly and efficiently or take personal responsibility to get the answers.

Principles 2 : Help people succeed and excel in their jobs
·    Tell people frequently you believe in their ability to do the jobb or task
·    Spend at least 50 percent of your time listening to your people’s ideas, concerns and needs
·    Give constant feedback, both positive and constructive
·    Find out and use people’s opinions, background, and experience. Value people’s differences. Use this information to help strengthen your operation and make better decisions.
·    Behave in a way that increase people’s trust in you
§    Make your actions and words consistent with every one
§    Follow through on your commitments
§    Be honest in your feedback to others by being candied a direct but remaining sensitive to others’, feelings
§    Model the behavior you want to see in others
§    Provide on-going developmental activities that help people grow and develop in their jobs, e.g, cross-training, special assignmens, seminars, etc.

Principle 3 : Manage Through Accountability
How :   
·    Keep your focus on the results and issue, not personalities
·    When people make mistakes, help them to learn to use mistakes as learning opportunities
·    Ensure people understand performance expectations and hold people accountable for their results
§    If people are performing at or above standard, encourage them to continue to enhance their good performance through constant improvement
§    If people are performing below standard :
·    Commit to helping them meet or exceed standard
·    Use Management tools of feedback, coaching, and training to help them meet or exceed standard
·    If the management tools fail to produce performance at or above standard, proceed to a progressive discipline approach
·    Use good judgment and be prepared to make a personal change if necessary

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