English Literature A 2013



· The narrator, Jake Barnes, opens with a description of a friend of his Robert Cohn, whose crowning triumph was being named Princeton’s middleweight boxing champion in his college days.

· After his divorce.Cohn moved to California where he briefly edited a magazine.But, he was too poor to fund the publication and it died the magazine that is.

· Cohn now lives in Paris with a forceful divorcée named Frances. Jake is his tennis friend.

· Cohn is a published novelist but his writing isn’t highly regarded by Jake or anyone else.In the midst of coffee with Cohn and Frances,Jake’s mere suggestion of traveling with Cohn to visit an American woman.Jake is bemused by Cohn’s weakness, especially with women.


· The same winter,Cohn travels to America and has a book published.

· Apparently it inspired Cohn to yearn for a romantic new life.

· Cohn interrupts Jake at and begs him to come on a trip to South America.

· Notice that almost every other character in the novel at some point has at least one conversation identical to this one with another expatriate living in Paris.

· Although it’s the middle of the workday, Cohn and Jake go for a drink.

· Jake and Cohn returns to his office at the newspaper.Cohn falls asleep and Jake awakens him in the middle of a troubled dream.Cohn admits that he hasn’t been able to sleep lately. We wonder why…


· Jake lingers alone over a drink at the Café Napolitain after Cohn finally bails.

· Jake and the girl Georgette,take a horse-drawn cab to dinner.Georgette,attempts to kiss him.He rejects her,saying that he’s sick.

· Once they’re at the restaurant Foyot’s. Jake is annoyed by his companion and begins to regret his decision to take Georgette to dinner.

· She asks why he’s sick,he responds that he was hurt in the war.

· Some of Jake’s friends Mr. and Mrs. Braddocks, Frances, and Cohn, are at the restaurant. Georgette is introduced as Jake’s beyonce.

· The crowd agrees to go out dancing. They end up at a hot, unappealing-sounding dance club.

· At the club, a beautiful woman named Brett arrives with a group of homosexual men. Jake, who is obviously familiar with Brett, feels sick and irritated by her companions, and he describes them with disgust. Add "homophobic" to whatever mental image of Jake you’ve got going.


· Mrs. Braddocks introduces him to a young pretentious American author.Jake is drunk possibly about to vomit.He ends up at the bar with Cohn.

· Brett comes Cohn is spellbound. Jake describes her beauty,she is as sleek and curvy as a racing yacht,and has a killer fashion sense to boot.

· Georgette looking for him.He and Brett leave together to find a cab.

· Alone in the taxi, Brett confesses that she’s miserable.

· In the cab Jake and Brett kiss passionately.but Brett pulls away,she says loves Jake but they agree they can’t be together.Love’s too hard and they have a history with one another. Brett alludes to Jake’s mysterious war wound, which is presumably the cause of their separation; he doesn’t want to talk about it.

· Jake’s entranced by Brett’s eyes and all that typical stuff.

· They agree to go to Café Select for more drinks. Brett asks Jake to kiss her again.


· Jake has coffee and a brioche and goes to work.

· Despite his melancholy evening, he feels much better this morning. He works all morning, then chats pleasantly with his colleague, Krum, until Robert Cohn shows up to whisk him off to lunch.

· He and Cohn knowing about South America over a lunch of beer and hors d’œuvre. Jake still thinks Cohn’s a pushover with Frances.

· Cohn asks Jake about Brett. He reveals that she is in the midst of a divorce with a British aristocrat (Lord Ashley to her Lady Ashley.
ng a boyonce like Mike Campbell with high economy’s prospec. Cohn say that Brett super hot and Jake having a bad respon.


· Brett unsurprisingly misses her evening date with Jake.He wonders why he hates this particular section of the city so much, then wonders why Cohn seems to despise the whole city so much.

· Jake heads to Café Select, where he encounters a very odd friend.

· Harvey Stone. Harvey, like everyone else, is a writer short on cash, and he wheedles some money out of Jake

· Cohn shows up. Harvey provokes him and then leaves. Cohn states his dislike for Harvey.

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