Example Conclusion And Suggestion


A. Conclusion
From the analysis result and data analysis can be conclude that:
1. Noun formation in Pakpak language formed through morphology process where the process is from affixation based on Adjective root and Verb root, kinds of affixation which attached in Pakpak language are: prefix, infix, suffix and confix. From fourth kinds of affixation, suffix is the most productive in form noun in Pakpak language it is affix en- (suffix has one allomorph only) with percentage 36, 36% it means that in written text, the writer mostly narrate  affix en- in forming noun. Affix which is slightly appearing in Pakpak language is infix –in (10, 10%).
2. There are two processes of forming noun in Pakpak language, the first process is affixation process which has explained above and the second process is reduplication. After analyzed the data written in Pakpak language, found that there are 5 (five) kinds of reduplication process in forming noun in Pakpak language, they are: Reduplication of a whole basic form, Reduplication which is basically just repeating the root (base form of the word), Reduplication which is change the phoneme or the repetition through phoneme variation, Reduplication through the process of adding affixes and Compound reduplication.
3. In Pakpak language especially in folklore and short story written in Pakpak language, found two rules of morphophonemic in forming noun, they are 
4. : phonological alternation (assimilation) and phonological addition (insertion).  

B. Suggestion
1. Traditional language needs to be maintain because the traditional language is one of national assets
2. The research is the best way to know whether the traditional language is still alive or not. So, another researcher suggested to search more about their traditional language and developed them also keep them alive. 
3. The research of traditional language has a function to know more about the function of the language, what is the characteristics of the language and how is their position. Pakpak language as the one of assets of Indonesia needs to develop more to make sure that the language is not extinct. So, the researcher hopes that later on there are another researcher who wants to keep Pakpak language alive through their research about Pakpak language

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