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NIVEA is a brand icon with massive global appeal and an unparalleled history of success. It allbegan in Hamburg, where NIVEA, the first-ever industrially produced oil-and-water-based cream, was launched in December 1911. Today, NIVEA is the largest skin care brand in the world*, and is available in approximately200 countries. Awareness of NIVEA is virtually 100 percent in Germany, and European consumers trust it like no other skin care brand. This is confirmed, for example, by the “Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands 2014” study, in which more than 17,500 male and female consumers from 10 European countries voted NIVEA the most-trusted skin care brand for the 13th year running. NIVEA has always stood for extremely high, reliable quality, excellent value for money, and a positive brand image. Security, trust, closeness, and credibility are the brand’s core values.

NIVEA is the most important and most valuable of all Beiersdorf’s brands. NIVEA products contributed €3.862 billion to the Beiersdorf Group’s total sales (€6.285 billion) in 2014. The aim is for the NIVEA brand to secure the leading market position acrossall relevant categories around the world. NIVEA already occupies around 150 number one positions worldwide– for example inthe Men, Face, Hair, and Deodorantsproduct categories.

The legendary blue tin has been the guardian of NIVEA’s brand values since 1925. It is the “face” of the brand and consumers worldwide associate “trust,” “closeness,” and “skin care expertise” with this icon. Beiersdorf has continuously enhanced the NIVEA brand based on its global core values.

Know-how and entrepreneurial spirit

Right from its beginnings in 1911, the NIVEA brand was fuelled by a positive mixture of research, creativity, and business know-how. In 1890, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz had purchased the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf from its founder, Paul C. Beiersdorf. Troplowitz’s scientific adviser, Prof. Paul Gerson Unna, who would go on to become one of the most prominent dermatologists in Germany, had a good eye for innovations. He brought a completely new kind of emulsifying agent called Eucerit (literally “beautiful wax”) to Troplowitz’s attention. Using this, it was possible to develop the world’s first stable – and therefore industrially producible – oil-and-water-based cream: NIVEA. The name NIVEA alluded to the cream’s pure white appearance, derived from the Latin word “nix, nivis” meaning snow. Nivea is therefore “the snow-white” cream.

In addition to Eucerit to bind the oils with water, it also contained glycerine, a little citric acid and, to lend it a delicate scent, oil of rose and lily of the valley. Even though NIVEA Creme is continually updated in line with the latest scientific developments, the essence of the recipe has scarcely changed in almost 100 years. Every year, almost 150 million tins are sold around the world. The Group’s own tin-printing facility in Hamburg manufactures just under half a million NIVEA tins for the world market every day.

A large family of brands

The systematic expansion of the NIVEA product range began some 20 years ago – a corporate strategy developed by Beiersdorf in response to consumers’ changing wishes and preferences and to their growing demand for special care products. Over time, NIVEA Creme developed into a large brand family. Under the NIVEA brand umbrella, Beiersdorf introduced product lines such as NIVEA MEN (since 1986), NIVEA Hair Care (1991), NIVEA DEO (1991), NIVEA Body (1992), NIVEA SUN (1993), NIVEA FACE CARE (1993), NIVEA VITAL (1994), NIVEA Bath Care (1996) and NIVEA Hand (1998).


At a time when men’s cosmetics were mostly limited to shaving products, Beiersdorf launched a men’s care range featuring products from multiple categories: NIVEA MEN. Mass-market sales of this product range commenced in 1986 – an excellent example of the success achieved by the NIVEA subbrands and of Beiersdorf’s innovative power. Today, the product range encompasses more than 60 cleansing, shaving, aftershave, and face care products. Including men’s products in the body care, shower, and hair care ranges, this category accounted for around 28 percent of NIVEA’s total sales in 2014. NIVEA MEN is the market leader in many countries and is steadily gaining additional market share. Alongside its successful cooperation with the German Football Association and with Jogi Löw, the manager of the German national soccer team, the English and Ukrainian national soccer teams, and Italian soccer club A.C. Milan, NIVEA MEN has been the official sponsor of Spanish soccer club Real Madrid CF. since February 2013. The cooperation initially runs until the end of the 2015/2016 season.

Over 100 years of skin care expertise

All NIVEA products reflect the combination of Beiersdorf’s strong culture of innovation and 130 years of experience in skin care research. At the heart of the company’s research is its knowledge of the various, extremely complex workings of the skin.

Beiersdorf focuses on relevant and above all effective innovations that deliver previously unknown additional benefits to consumers. In line with this, it concentrates on its core competency of skin care, i.e., innovations in the key categories of face and body care.Intensive research into new anti-aging skin care products will continue to be one of the most important areas of activity in the future.

In addition, the 600 or so Beiersdorf researchers worldwide work closely together with the Group’s international markets to develop NIVEA products that meet varying consumer needs in different regions. In the high-growth Asian markets, Beiersdorf is enjoying great success with its whitening products for reducing unwanted sun-related pigmentation, for example. Similarly, “natural tone” products have proven very popular on the Latin American market. These help to prevent changes in the natural color of the skin caused by aging, insufficient moisture, and excessive exposure to the sun.

Genuine innovations

Beiersdorf launched an innovation in the face care category in 2014 – NIVEA Q10plus ANTI-WRINKLE Serum Pearls. The product’s special pearl technology combines innovative Q10plus active pearls with hydrogel in a highly effective anti-wrinkle serum. Using this product can significantly improve the skin’s Q10 levels.

NIVEA’s In-Shower range – the first body lotion that can be applied directly in the shower – responds to customers’ wishes for two-in-one skin care.The product range has been expanded to include two new versions, In-Shower Soft Milk and In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa & Milk.In order to meet the needs of Asian consumers, two new In-Shower whitening products were also launched.
NIVEA Sun In-Shower Refreshing After Sun Lotion offers an innovative way of caring for the skin and refreshing it directly in the shower after sunbathing.The formula containing cucumber extract soothes the skin and provides long-lasting moisture,leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

Well-being in the NIVEA Haus

In April 2006, NIVEA was given a home of its own in the company’s home town of Hamburg: The “NIVEA Haus” was opened in the city center, right by the Inner Alster Lake. Here, the brand’s skin and beauty care expertise can be sampled in a three-story building with a total space of 800 sqm. A second NIVEA Haus opened its doors in 2009 in the German capital Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate. In April 2013, the third NIVEA Haus was added in the a-ja spa resort in Warnemünde. In 2014 alone, the three centers together provided around 62,000 massage, cosmetics, and consulting sessions. In 2014, the NIVEA Haus centers in Hamburg and Berlin achieved the best results since they opened.

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; NIVEA by umbrella brand name in the categories Body Care, Face Care and Hand Care; in retail value terms, 2013.

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